REFUEL 11 Registration

Registration is handled by Speed Ventures, Inc. REFUEL 11 is done!

Registration Closed


The REFUEL Time Trial Competition is open to fully electric cars and motorcycles only. The classifications will be determined by Speed Ventures and its decision is final.


  • Prototype: Non-homologated and purpose-built race cars
  • Conversion: Converted (from gasoline, diesel, or gas/electric hybrid)
  • Production: All production vehicles


  • Prototype: Non-homologated and purpose-built race bikes
  • Modified: Any production electric bike with significant modifications
  • Production: Any Stock production electric bikes


Helmets are required for everyone on track. SNELL 2010 or newer are allowed. Passengers are allowed but must also have helmets. If you do not have a helmet, one can be rented from Speed Ventures. FULL LEATHERS are required for motorcycle riders.

Vehicle Recharge

Power in the paddock for recharging will come from the grid through temporary power boxes we're paying to have installed. Limited tie-ins available via RV-style 50 amp 240 volt hookups. Participants are encouraged to bring their own travel adapters.

Schedule of Events

Get the Official Schedule of Events here or at the Speed Ventures website.

Paddock/Pit Map

Get the REFUEL Paddock/Pit Area Map here or at the Speed Ventures website.


Track Day Registration - EV Car $119
Track Day Registration - EV Motorcycle $99
Timing Transponder Rental (Transponder REQUIRED FOR REFUEL TT) $9.99/day + one-time $10 timing fee
Helmet Rental (*Optional) $40/day